When You Arrive...

When you arrive for your appointment, your designated groomer will greet you and your fur baby for a consultation to make sure we understand exactly what your grooming requirements are.

The Grooming Process

Once we have all the details of the treatments your fur baby is to receive, the groomer will take them through to their grooming room. Unlike other grooming salons which provide viewing windows to the grooming rooms or allow multiple pets in each room, we perform all spa treatments in private rooms to avoid any possibility that your pet may get distracted and possibly injured. For some pets it can be a little scary leaving their owners, but the private rooms help to soothe and calm any nerves.

When everything is complete, we will call you to let you know that your fur baby is ready to be picked up and returned to you looking, smelling and feeling great.

All your pets treatments are stored in our computer system so when you call in for your fur babies next appointment, we have all the history from every visit available.

Packages & Treatments

A La Carte Services

Packages & Treatments


All our dog bath and haircut packages include non-skin drying shampoo, moisturizing coat and skin conditioner, nails filed smooth, ear cleaning & hair removal (where necessary and upon request) teeth brushing, external expression of anal glands (if required and possible) and up to 15 minutes of brushing.

• Petite Bath (up to 20 lbs)  - $35 short hair  / $40 long hair

• Small Bath (21-40 lbs)  - $40 short hair / $50 long hair

• Medium Bath (41-60 lbs)  - $50 short hair / $60 long hair

• Large Bath (61lbs and over)   - $60+ short hair / $70+ long hair

• Standard Poodles/Doodles   - $70+ short hair  / $80+ long hair

• *X Large Bath or Triple Coat   - (*Price upon request)


De-Shed +$20-$40 on top of bath package

(all prices are approximate & dependent on coat texture and size of dog)

Tired of vacuuming and want to reduce the amount your pet is shedding?... De-shed helps take out your dogs additional undercoat. This is important too because it keeps the skin healthier and able to breath and keeps dogs temperature better maintained because of the natural insulation. Our groomers will use a special process. This conditions skin & coat with the dual purpose of blasting out the trapped excess dirt and hair. Once rinsed and completely dry we use specially designed tools, rakes and brushes to leave a smooth finish. Leaving a happier and healthier dog.

Tea Tree & Aloe Medicated Hot Spot Treatment

$15 - Formulated with natural & Organic ingredients to promote healing. Aids in the relief of multiple skin problems including flea bite dermatitis, hot spots, and dry skin disorders. Veterinarian recommended. (Includes All Natural Luxury Aloe Re-moisturizing Conditioner, restores hairs vitality & shine)


$15 - $30 (dependent on size and coat length) - Mud bath conditioning treatment conditions, re-hydrates and rebuilds the coat with valuable minerals that absorb into the body for greater health results.


Each Haircut & Styling comes with a Spa Bath Treatment

• Petite $60

• Small $65-$70

• Medium $75-$80

• Large/X Large $90+

• Full Body Specialist Hand Scissoring (*Price upon Request)

• Hand Stripping (*Price upon Request)

*These are approximate pricing guidelines and may change dependent on your dog’s size, condition, length of coat and if extra brushing or de-matting/de shedding are required.


The Day at the Spa +$20 on top of spa bath or haircut/styling package

For  the ultimate indulgence for your furry friend. The Day at the Spa also includes blueberry facial to brighten and whiten the face while receiving a relaxing massage of the face and neck. 10 minute full body massage using Isle of Dogs Shampoo and Conditioner, moisturizing paw rub. Bow to finish (upon request)

All of this will leave your pet looking and smelling great too! Your dog will love this luxury!

A La Carte Services

All Natural & Organic Flea Bath $10

Blueberry Facial $5

Oatmeal Treatment $10

Dog Massage $10 (15 mins)

*Nail Trimming $15 (includes filing smooth)

*Anal Glands Expression $10

*Ear Cleaning $5

*Teeth Brushing $5

Sanitary Trim $5

Paw Trim $5 up to $10

Face Trim $10 up to $15

Feather Trim (Hind Legs) Starting $5 up to $10

Additional Brushing/De Matting $10 (15 mins)

Hair Dye available upon request (Requires Groomer Consultation)

*FREE with Spa Bath Treatment

Make your dog sparkle with our *Isle of Dogs Package*.

A $20 add on to any bath or haircut. Includes Silky Oatmeal Shampoo, Smoothing Conditioner (w/extra scent), Blueberry Facial,

and a moisturizing Paw Rub! Biscuit approved.