About Us

Why we are different from other salons ?

For us it all begins with the relationship.  We endeavor to form a trusting bond with every furry-little-client that comes through our door.  This means we take the time to get to know you and your pet.


Our groomers are all highly skilled technicians with many years of experience.  And what's more, they are all loving and dedicated pet parents who understand that what we provide at Yo Dawg Groom Spot is so much more than just an excellent bath and haircut.


We are committed to excellence and to the philosophy that when your "fur babies" are in our care, we will love and treat them as if they were our own.



Jane  :)



We are a small family owned pet grooming salon located in Santa Monica with the sole aim of providing your fur babies with the finest quality grooming and spa treatments at prices which will keep you, their owner happy.

Yo Dawg Groom Spot has been based in Santa Monica for a number of years, but it is only since January 2013 that it has been under the ownership of Jane Murray who has worked hard to improve all the services provided but most importantly, the quality. We believe we now offer some of the highest quality pet grooming and pet spa treatments in the area.


Meet Our Staff


Meet Our Team


I have owned this business since January 2013 and it has grown from strength to strength. I love all animals and in turn love and take great enjoyment in the running of my Salon. We have a qualified team of excellent groomers here at Yo Dawg. Our skills and knowledge come together to make you and your dogs experience here a truly amazing one!


We have high standards and always work hard to achieve high customer satisfaction our aim is to make sure your dog is clean happy, healthy, calm and relaxed making your dog only too happy to come back for their next grooming.


I am a Specialist bather with over 20 Years grooming experience.  I do love all animals and always have a great respect for them. Now after all these years, I have grown to love and appreciate them even more. Whilst bathing dogs I try to give them a relaxing time whilst in my care.

This is most rewarding for both myself and the dogs as they are always happy once returning to their owner. I also do de-sheds, relaxing massage, hair trims etc.


I’ve been a bathing dogs for over 10 years. I always make sure your fur baby has the best relaxing experience while in my care. Dogs are family. And family deserve the best.


I’m Christopher and I've been a groomer for 11 years and love it. Proud father of 2 girls and 1 boy. Since i was a child i always loved animals. Being a groomer, there are always new and fun things to learn.


Grooming and taking care of animals is my passion, dogs are truly man’s best friend and it is my goal to offer your fur-baby’s a one of a kind grooming experience, here at Yo Dawg Groom Spot.


Hi! My name is Luis Cortes, I am a certified groomer and have been working in the pet industry for over 3 years and still counting! I love working with animals it has been such a fulfilling experience and a rewarding addition to my life, as well as my career.